A week has gone...

Well...it's been a week since we released our single "12th of March" now. That was fun. And you seem to like this musical direction even more :) Thnx to all of you who listen, comment and share our music. We really appreciate that :) Keep doing that!
It's been a week, but damn...I thought I would be a bit more off the Mac after the release, but it is so much to do. I really hope one day we get a management for us to do all this. Really don't care that it cost balls, cause it takes up all my time. Need to focus on new music, and try to get some gigs and get money for our upcoming album. 
Will do my best to get done with the rest of promo stuff today and start practising again. Need to keep everything in shape. Not much more to say really, just been a boring week behind the screen. One thing happened though. I got a package in the mail from www.myslipmat.com! I got my custom slipmat for my turntable! Heck yeah! Have a nice weekend folks!


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