Driving with heavy riffs and unwavering levels of passion, the long-standing rock project that is SPOONMAN gears up to re-emerge in 2020 with a fresh full-band set-up and a powerful new album.

From early beginnings, SPOONMAN as a solo venture was born way back in 2004. Following over a decade of creative and life experience, the project now welcomes a release that envelops years of hard-work, time, effort, and uncompromising dedication.

Offering multiple story-lines, personal and immersive, poetic and engaging, alongside uniquely expressive, consistently evolving rock soundscapes, the new music brings through a style that floats somewhere between the likes of classic progressive rock and the more recent offerings of artistic bands like System of a Down. The group storm through with detailed and considerate escapism that refuses to adhere to mainstream rules and regulations.

The SPOONMAN story is one of well-travelled insight and reflection. Following a brief stint in a Tennessee band called Se7enred, frontman sPoon – Frank sPoon Botten – returned to his native Norway to gather up the best musicians around; to record and master a whole new set of demos. Fast forward thirteen years, the recordings remained untouched, unfinished, and unreleased. Then came the turning point for the band we now see as SPOONMAN. The demos became an album, the album became a thoughtfully crafted, intentional and immensely fascinating masterpiece, with only a 2020 release date keeping it under the radar.

March 2020 will see the full collection emerge, complete with vinyl prints and a notably more mature, inventive yet classic hard rock core. ‘No love songs. No bullshit’. This is rock how it was always meant to be. Though far from the beginning of the SPOONMAN journey, this is undoubtedly the start of an epic new chapter.