Big in Japan!

If you read this, you probably read about our upcoming album and ways to make this album a reality. We know Corona hit everyone that play in a band hard, and maybe the smaller bands even more. No gigs and no income. Very small opportunity to gain fans and visibility in the music market. We released our 5th album "The Adamant" with very high hopes to get heard, but a week after release, Norway was in total lockdown. All we have worked for was lost, and there was no sign for when things would loosen up. Did a Live stream SOLO with backing tracks cause not all members was allowed to be with the band at that time. Six months past before we all could hook up and start practice again. We had one gig on our calendar but this gig would also get struck by new restriction, and people were told to stay home. Well I guess you know how that gig went..... We had fun though, and the few who attended was very pleased to. 

So we started recording again. Had to do new music for you. 

Not every band or band member has the marketing skill it takes to sell music through social media and google adword and stuff like that. It takes up shitloads of time to get into every freaking "Band helping page" out there. I try my best but it does not help much. Might seem like I'm giving up there huh? Nope... I'm not a quitter....I will make this band Big in Japan!


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